Class Placement 2017 – 2018


 We are beginning to plan the school organization for September 2017.    It would be appreciated that you advise the office if your family is planning to move out of the St. Brigid boundaries or change schools. Thank You!

            The process for formulation of class lists for September will begin soon. After we determine class organization each student is individually discussed and placed according to a number of criteria. This is a process we take very seriously; it involves much prayer, thought and conversation.

Given the parameters in which we have to work as determined by registration numbers and ministry and board directives, our goal is to establish balanced classes, providing effective groups which will benefit all children. Teachers in sending grades meet to carefully consider learning styles, academic skills, social grouping, special education and ESL needs, behaviour needs, etc. You can surely appreciate that creating the best and most effective groupings is a task requiring careful thought and planning. Our goal is to establish balanced classes to provide effective working groups which will benefit all children in each class.

At this time, we are uncertain as to which teachers will teach a specific grade. Staffing decisions will not be finalized until late August.

Accepting parental requests for specific teachers is not permitted under Board guidelines, and would not be in the best interest of all children in the school as it could restrict school staff in forming what we consider to be the most ideal classroom groupings. 

The teachers who have worked with the children this year know them and will make determinations based on each child’s best interests. If you feel strongly that there are extenuating circumstances not listed above, please submit your request in writing, including the rationale for your request, to Ms. Sullivan by Friday, May 19.

Any written requests will be shared with the team of teachers generating class lists, however, this does not guarantee that your request can be honoured.